Client Testimonials

"The final product is a very eye-appealing, versatile and useful structure which our organization is very proud to own. They were very responsive to our needs and responded quickly and professionally to include modification to the structure prior to delivery, to ensure that all of the ECBC requirements were met. The erection of the structure was greatly assisted by your expert staff that was on-site throughout the process. Thanks again for the excellent service."

Thomas R., US Army Research, Development & Engineering Command.


"Outstanding Service. Your dedication to a quality product and commitment to customer service greatly improved the living and working conditions for the soldiers."

Kenneth Y., United States Army Central Command, Saudi Arabia


"Your on-site assistance and erection advice to the Air Force crews was professional and greatly admired. You personally got involved by working the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift and led by example, performing some of the more difficult erection tasks. The expedient erection nature of your shelters allowed the Air Force to beat its timetable for relocating the aircraft maintenance complex at PSAB. I would highly recommend their structures."

Brian L., Readiness Division, Langley AFB


"Please accept our appreciation and admiration for your fabric frame structures. The team that fabricated the structure overcame high winds (reaching 45 knots), austere field conditions, and improvised equipment to complete the structure in less than two weeks. The importance of having a climate-controlled facility of this quality to conduct fitness training cannot be overstated. Physical fitness is the key to readiness and our ability to withstand the stresses of contingency operations. Your product will improve our ability to return home safely and in good health. We look forward to future products involving your outstanding structures."

Bryan G., Commander, 405 Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squad, Dept. of the Air Force


"It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. During some of the more challenging times (i.e.. painstakingly working through Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti approval and customs procedures) your team always seemed to keep a positive attitude as we worked together to quickly find solutions. From the moment we have you the 'go ahead', you quickly assembled your team and had them on the ground in Kuwait within 5 days. That was great planning and execution! Working with such a highly competent team of individuals was a great experience.

Our forces in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are benefitting greatly from the near 50 structures that you erected. These sunshades and fabric frame structures provide our soldiers a comfortable environment to work on equipment. Additionally, they provide cooler storage space for survivability items such as pallets of bottled water, and provide shade for our vehicles which greatly reduces the maintenance cost caused by the extreme heat from direct sunlight. This combination of benefits ultimately saves the U.S. Army thousands of dollars.

You are a true team of professionals that will go the extra mile to make the customer satisfied. You are to be commended for your work and I would work with you again anytime!"

Major William L., US Army Construction Officer


"We had the pleasure of working with them during this past year. We operated out of one of their tents while our new firehouse was being constructed. The quality was superb. Their reputation could easily stand on the quality of their product, however, their Customer Service surpassed this quality even further. Their staff was always extremely professional yet very personal. Phones were always answered and they made you feel they have but one customer to deal with - you. It is without hesitation that I would recommend them for any work. We would definitely use them again."

Peter B., Orangeburg Fire Department


"The quick response and professional support and service that their team provided was absolutely superb! The 4404th Wing really appreciates your super fast response in identifying and resolving the facility issues we faced. Without a doubt, you are by far one of the best contingency contracting firms that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. Because of your team's willingness to go the extra mile and 'make it happen,' the USAF will benefit for years to come."

Tom L, Deputy Chief, 4404th Project Management Team